What is Gardening Leave?


Have you ever heard of the term”Gardening Leave”? This term has nothing to do with gardening LOL. Rather, gardening leave is a term used in employment. It refers to a period when an employee, leaving a company, is asked to stay away from work. This time can range from a few weeks to several months.

Understanding Gardening Leave

Gardening leave refers to a situation where an employee, upon resignation or termination, is required to stay away from the workplace during their notice period while remaining on the company’s payroll. The term likely originates from the notion that the employee, barred from working, might as well spend their time gardening.

During this period, the employee is typically not allowed to commence employment with a new company or engage in any competitive activities. Instead, they are paid their full salary and benefits as if they were still actively working.

Why Gardening Leave?

Employers use gardening leave for several reasons. First, it prevents the employee from accessing sensitive company information. Second, it stops them from starting a new job with a competitor immediately. This helps protect the company’s interests.

How Does It Work?

During gardening leave, the employee is still on the payroll. They receive their regular salary and benefits. However, they do not perform any work for the company. Essentially, they are being paid to stay at home.

What Can Employees Do?

While on gardening leave, employees often use the time to relax or pursue personal interests. They might also use this period to plan their next career move. Some might take courses or upskill to prepare for future opportunities.

Legal Aspects

Gardening leave is usually outlined in the employment contract. Employees need to understand their rights and obligations during this time. Breaching the terms of gardening leave can lead to legal consequences.

Benefits for Employers

Gardening leave allows companies to transition smoothly. It ensures that sensitive information is secure. It also gives the company time to find a replacement for the departing employee.

Benefits for Employees

Employees get a break from work without losing income. This time can be valuable for personal growth and preparation for the next job.


Gardening leave serves as a protective measure for companies. It also offers employees a paid break. Understanding its purpose and implications is essential for both employers and employees. It’s a win-win when managed correctly.

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