A Concise Guide to Helping Employees More Comfortable in the Office 


When managers and senior heads of departments are planning detailed, structured, and often, expensive, new projects focused upon growth and expansion, rarely do they (nor are they expected to) factor in the physical comfort of their employees in the workplace.

However, on a day-to-day basis, within the average working week, the more physically comfortable your team is, the happier they’ll be, and therefore, the more productive they’ll be in terms of their workload.

It would make sense, then, to make reasonable adjustments to facilitate this, so here’s a concise guide on how to do just that.

Upgrade the Air-Con

Air that’s too stale, too warm, or indeed, too cool inside the office environment, particularly if your office is part of a large apartment block and has no direct access to the great outdoors, can be exceedingly detrimental to your employees’ concentration levels.

Whether the air-conditioning unit comes under your remit of responsibility as the manager or not, make the effort to find out if there’s anything that can be done to improve the quality of air in the office, and more importantly, ensure that your team members are breathing in fresh and clean air. 

Clean & Simple Bathrooms

This next point is especially pertinent for managers and business owners who have a workforce that operates out of a traditional office setting, and this is to ensure the bathroom facilities are not only clean and hygienic, but regularly checked, too. 

For those who are looking to invest time, money, and attention into improving the comfort rating and general appearance of their bathroom at home, leading suppliers of bathrooms like Beautiful Bathrooms will not only transform your private bathroom but also advise you on the office bathrooms, too. 

Indoor Plants on the Desks


It’s entirely up to the individual employee what they would like to include on their desk and the kinds of personalized items that they’re both happy and comfortable having on show.

However, from now on, if you make a personal commitment to the inclusion of indoor plants in the office, if not on the desks but at least on the windowsill or reception area, not only will the air be and feel fresher and cleaner, but it can also help to boost productivity, too.

Indoor plants that are well suited to an office environment include bamboo, spider plants, peace lilies, rubber figs, jade plants, and cacti. 

Ergonomic Office Furniture 

You have both a legal and moral responsibility to your employees when it comes to always ensuring workplace safety, and even though you’re not strictly responsible for helping individual members of your team by protecting their back and shoulders while sitting at a desk, their comfort would increase tenfold should you choose to. 

Arrange an ergonomic risk assessment, either through your own HR company, or else via an independent third-party company, to identify and implement simple changes, such as upgraded keyboards, footstools, and backrests attached to chairs, which will make a huge difference to your employees’ working day. 

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