Businesses to Start Under 1 Lakh of Investment


Did you realize that India’s small enterprises have maintained an annual growth rate of above 10%? It also delivers 29% of India’s GDP. Recent research and projections from the government of India indicate that the small business sector would be very promising in the next years. Looking for low-cost yet potentially lucrative business ideas? Read this in-depth post to learn more about Businesses to start under 1 lakh options.

Some Businesses to start under 1 Lakh Investment:

1.  Cloud Kitchen – The Best Online Cooking Experience

It’s hardly possible to deny the size of the potential market for and demand from the food industry. The cloud kitchen is trendy because it lowers the expensive cost of starting a restaurant or bar. The concept of a “cloud kitchen” centers on the distribution of healthy and delicious meals to customers without the need for expensive dining facilities. They are in high demand and are among the top business ideas available.

How do I launch this company? You’ll need clean kitchens with plenty of ventilation and experienced chefs to launch this company plan. Spending may be as little as 50,000 Indian Rupees.

2.  Drop-Shipment Services

Drop-shipping services are in high demand and might be the basis for successful local businesses in any given area are the best businesses to start under 1 lakh. People and businesses need a dependable and quick drop-shipping service for a variety of business demands, thus the demand and potential in this industry are immense.

How do I launch this company? Starting a drop-shipping company in a major city requires an initial expenditure of roughly 60,000 INR. This covers the cost of renting a packing and storage facility, hiring some help with packing and shipping, and buying some packaging equipment and materials.

3.  Online Tutoring

One of the most fruitful areas for commercial activity is the field of online education. There will likely be a lot of openings in the eLearning market in the near future, according to recent surveys. Establishing an online tutoring business in your area is a great way to get into the education or eLearning industries.

How do I launch this company? Expertise in education, a large network of qualified educators, or a stellar academic background are all necessities for providing effective e-tutoring services. Starting an e-Tutor services company requires about 11,000 INR in initial investment.

4.  Refreshing Drinks Shop

In India, the sun shines brightly and temperatures rise over most of the year. To combat the heat and quench their thirst, most people choose fresh fruit juices and mocktails. The juice bar industry is very lucrative for relatively little initial investment.

How do I launch this company? In order to open a juice bar in a major city, you will need a starting capital of around 25,000 INR, which will cover rent, inventory, and other start-up costs.

5.  Writing Services

There is no question that content is the true ruler. It’s impossible to deny the vast potential and expanding market of content-related services. If you have a passion for writing and a strong history in delivering writing-related services like blog write-ups, website content, and SEO write-ups, you should definitely consider launching a writing services firm. You have the freedom to set your own rates for your writing services based on your level of expertise and the specific projects you do for clients.

How do I launch this company? Providing writing services effectively requires a high level of expertise, a keen eye for detail, and a thorough understanding of editing norms and standards. To launch your writing services company, you will require just 2,000 INR for the purchase of writing and editing equipment.

6.  Flipping websites

Businesses of all sizes are actively seeking support in transitioning to digital platforms. As a new kind of company, offering website flipping services has been more popular in recent years. You may start a website flipping business if you are a computer whiz with the ability to transform outdated websites into shiny new ones or to design and code intuitive mobile applications. It is up to you to set your own charges for assistance depending on your level of expertise in website/app design/development and the specific services you provide.

How do I launch this company? To enter the realm of website flipping services, you need to be competent in developing or updating websites and applications to the most recent and appropriate programming languages. With about 55,000 INR, you may get started with only a few essentials for your new business, like a powerful laptop or desktop computer and some purchased software or an interface.

7.  Catering Services


Do you have a knack for baking and want to start a company from home? The next step is to plan out the opening of a bakery with delectable treats like freshly baked brownies, cookies, and other sweets.

How do I launch this company? About 12,000 Indian Rupees (INR) can get you set up with a few essential baking-related tools so you may provide bakery services from home.

8.  Boutique Shops

In today’s competitive company environment, offering boutique services is a certain way to increase both clientele and revenue. Nowadays, bespoke and one-of-a-kind designer clothing is more popular than mass-produced generic clothing. Therefore, whether you are a recent graduate of a fashion design program or if you just like the process of designing and creating beautiful garments, you may make a living doing what you love.

Starting a firm with little capital requires a strategy that centers on providing specialized or premium services, such as a boutique. The most attractive feature is that it may be started from the comfort of one’s own home, so avoiding the need to invest in costly office space or other fixed assets.

How do I launch this company? An efficient sewing machine, threads, laces, borders, buttons, fabric, and more would cost you roughly 25,000 INR, allowing you to get started providing boutique services from the comfort of your own home.

9: Pickles Production:

People love to taste various types of pickles. You can make pickles making from home as per current trends people love to eat homemade pickles. This is one of the prominent business under 1 lakh. At first, you can make it from home with the help of some people. Once your star grows you can opt for making a company and involve many more people in your business.

10: Beauty Parlour or Salon:

Yes, you hear me right you can start a beauty parlour or salon as it is one of the most profitable businesses in not only in India but also in the world. You need to have skills that you can learn from professionals. If you provide good service and mention quality there is a chance you can grow with this and you can start this business under 1 lakh of investment.

Bottom Line

You need to know what the finest businesses to start under 1 lakh are in every industry, from food to cars. Therefore, among the top 8 small-scale business ideas given above, draw up a complete business plan to launch the business in the city or town based on your interest and availability of resources and supplies.

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