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If you are considering new business ideas in 2022, you must consider the new standard. The COVID-19 epidemic has significantly shifted how people use goods and services. You may have believed that opening a retail store or a restaurant was a smart move in the past, but at this point, you should probably put such plans on hold until you better understand how the next year will play out. Think beyond the box and consider starting a company that caters to how people live their lives now rather than one that is more conventional. You’ll need to create a solid business strategy no matter what, but many of the ideas on this list need nothing more than a partner who can help you take credit card payments for you to get started.

1.  Wood Work

Suppose you have a knack for fashioning lovely pieces of furniture or other decorative items out of wood. In that case, you may consider turning your talent into a small company. Post some of your items on online marketplaces like Etsy to get things started. Once you have established a clientele, you may want to think about launching a website, taking on bespoke work, or expanding into refinishing work and upholstery.

If you already love woodworking and the equipment necessary to begin completing orders as they come in, starting a small and new business idea as a woodworker might be the perfect choice for you. Because providing your consumers with well-made products is essential to maintaining their satisfaction, you don’t want to be “training” when constructing a bespoke shelf or storage box. To succeed in woodworking, you need at least one year of experience working as an apprentice.

No specific educational prerequisites are necessary to start a woodworking company; nonetheless, there is a diverse selection of woodworking training certificates available online; hence, we recommend beginning with a certification. There are many possible venues to begin, some of which are The Woodwork Institute, YesTomorrow, and The School of Fine Woodworking.

2.  Consultant for Online Dating Services

In most cases, dating counsellors will charge their clients for their time. They help individuals establish effective online dating profiles, find probable matches from outside the traditional internet channels, and give a degree of personalisation that a site like Tinder can’t provide for its users. Do you believe you have what it takes to win the match? This may be the right kind of company for you.

Those who work as consultants for online dating services need to have excellent communication and interpersonal skills and heightened levels of empathy. The good news is that there are no specific educational or licensing requirements; however, we suggest you get a certification, such as a relationship coach certification offered by IAP College or the online dating coach certificate offered by Hart Academy.

To get started as an online dating consultant, you will need a website that provides information about yourself and links to other free dating tools that your potential clients may use. After they have downloaded the material, you can offer them a free consultation at that point.

3.  Freelance Developer

There is a significant need for high-quality web development services at the moment, and this demand may take many forms, including creating websites for other small companies and providing technical assistance for specific projects. Being a web developer requires you to have a certain level of technical expertise. Condense your knowledge and expertise so that clients who do not have your level of experience can comprehend what you will be assisting them in accomplishing via working with you.

You can get some insight into whether or not your message is clear by running it by relatives and friends who aren’t completely familiar with your job. If individuals unfamiliar with your sector can provide a concise explanation of what you do, the message you use is probably successful. You may get a head start on getting your first freelancing contracts by going to various websites that cater to freelancers.

In contrast to a couple of the other possibilities on our list, being a successful freelance developer and beginning to take on jobs does need training; but, if you are just starting in this field, you shouldn’t let that stop you. There is no shortage of intensive training programs that can get you up to speed in either front-end or full-stack web development. A few of these intensive training programs are even provided by recognised technical colleges.

4.  Videographer

Creating a video involves an initial financial investment in the equipment, which may save significant money. However, this is also what makes the value of your services so high. You should ensure that you have a reel of your work to offer, or you could develop a website on which interested people may watch several different choices from your work.

Starting a video production company does not need any specific training or certification to get started. However, it is beneficial to specialise when it comes to writing and other forms of creative expression. Both real estate and wedding videos are quite different from in-studio interviews and testimonies, and wedding videos are very different from real estate videos. By specialising, you can target a very particular consumer who will profit the most from your services, and you can also skill-up in one shooting style more successfully.

You can find generic courses on videography, but you should think about taking a class in the kind of videography you want to pursue instead of just looking for general programs. If you’re interested in wedding videography, for instance, you may take a course called The Complete Wedding Videography Course.

5.  Food Truck Owner

Have you ever daydreamed about running your restaurant but are not quite ready to make the leap? You may put your ideas to the test by using a food truck. Before establishing or investing in a brick-and-mortar store, it is a terrific way to get acquainted with your state’s food and restaurant license requirements, find out what people enjoy and don’t like, and create a following of people who are greedy for your cuisine.

Food trucks will demand a higher investment, but there is good news: you can hire the truck, and many new business ideas are successful. Roaming Hunger and the Food Truck Group are two prospective leasers that you may check into. Because the expense would be significant, we suggest that you hire one to be prepared for an event such as a concert or a food festival. You will have the opportunity to gauge the level of interest in your cuisine and determine whether or not you would be successful in operating a food truck.


It is a choice that should be made individually to choose a small company concept to work on. Although financial security is crucial, this alone won’t be enough to keep you going in the long run. You should run your ideas through your loved ones and close friends until you come up with the optimal solution that accommodates your lifestyle, satisfies your deepest aspirations, and is financially viable. Throughout this procedure, do not hesitate to ask for assistance; do not forget to have some fun even while you put in the effort. In my suggestion, you must follow leading business magazines to know about more business opportunities.

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