How To Find The Owner Of A Business? Easy Steps


Sometimes it’s not clear who to ask if you want to know who owns a corporation. In most cases, such information is not included on the primary sign for a company. You may learn who owns a company of any size or kind by using any one of many methods available today. Many options exist, including making an inquiry to the company itself, examining online databases, and engaging government agencies. So, I will help you on how to find the owner of a business in this post.

Ways On How To Find The Owner Of A Business?

#1: Checking The Company Website:

The most effective way to find out the owner of a business or Limited liability company (LLC) is to visit their official website. In most of the cases the name of the business owner is mentioned there. You can also get some more information of the company from their official website. If there is no mention of the owner there then you can follow the other steps mentioned below.

#2. Approaching the Company:

You should enter the business and ask to speak to the manager if it is a local one. The proprietor is more likely to make an appearance at work if the company is tiny. Come on in and ask to talk to the proprietor politely.

If the business owner is not there when you visit, you may ask a member of staff for their name and contact information. Depending on the company’s size, the employee could even know the owner personally.

Rather, be forthright and courteous while discussing your intentions. If the worker sees you as disinterested or uninterested in helping them, they may be unwilling to provide you their boss’s information.

#3. Internet search:

Research the company by checking it up on a specialized social network or search engine. Some social networking sites and search engines focus more on businesses than individual users. You can see whether the owner is listed as a contact if you look up the business on one of these sites.

Ziggs and Zoominfo are the two most well-known business-focused search engines. The vast majority of businesses and professionals use LinkedIn.

Note that certain sites, like LinkedIn, may need you to utilize advanced search options in order to search for a specific firm by name.

You may check the BBB’s website to see whether a company has earned the organization’s seal of approval. The BBB is a private, non-profit organization whose goal is to provide consumers a full picture of a business’s trustworthiness and excellence. The names of the company’s senior executives and maybe the owner will be included on the company’s Better Business Bureau profile. However, the listing may not really belong to the individual whose name and contact information is given.

#4. See Whether The Company Has A Profile On The Most Popular Social Networking Sites:

Look up the firm’s name on Twitter, Facebook, or any other social media site to learn how to find the owner of a business. Research the company’s website further to check whether the owner’s name shows anywhere on the site.

An “About” section on a Facebook business page, for instance, may provide the page’s administrator’s contact information. Examine the Instagram page for the firm and its pictures. The owner’s name and contact information might be included in a picture caption to indicate ownership.

The “owner” of a firm may be researched by entering the company’s name plus the word “owner” into a search engine. In the event that you are unable to get any information about the organization elsewhere, just typing the company’s name into a search engine may bring you to a site you had not previously considered visiting. This is simply a guess, however, so it should be used only if all other avenues have been explored and found wanting.

#5. Using Government Resources

Search the state’s registered business database to see whether there is a firm that fulfills your requirements. Every state maintains a public registry of businesses that have been granted permission to operate inside its boundaries. Visit your state’s website and look for the business entity or businesses search page to see whether the firm is registered there.

Keep in mind that the state government may exclude the firm owner’s name and contact information from the data it supplies. All the particulars are different in every state.

If you believe this issue requires state-level oversight, please get in touch with the relevant agency. If running a company inside a given state’s jurisdiction requires a license or certification, that state’s regulatory authority will maintain records of all such enterprises. To get in touch with the company’s owner, you might phone the appropriate government agency.

The sale of tobacco products, firearms, alcoholic drinks, food, and cosmetics all need specialized permits from the government. Keep in mind that the agency may not be able to provide information on the company’s owners due to privacy rules. If the agency has a searchable database, see if you can locate the firm there.

Business owners who need to get in touch with their municipality’s licensing office may do so by dialing (phone number). It’s possible for many divisions within a city or county government to have files on local businesses. The state government may not have access to information that any of these groups do.

Bottom Lines:

Above I mentioned the ways on How to Find LLC Owners? You can follow the above mentioned steps and I can assure you that you will be able to find the business owner name. Let me know in the comments if you know some more ways.

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