Top 5 Tips for Buying an Industrial Vacuum


Vacuum cleaners are vital for workplaces like factories, shops, offices, and the hospitality industry. As a matter of fact, they are often used to get rid of dust as well as other residues from surfaces and floors, guaranteeing a safe and clean environment.

Industrial vacuum cleaners consist of a suction motor that is connected to the nozzle, through which materials are recovered into a collection tank or collection bag. To help you choose the right industrial vacuum, the following are key factors to look at:

1. Choose the Right Type

One of the most common popular options in the commercial setting is an industrial backpack vacuum. This type of vacuum is ergonomic and lightweight, making it easy to clean for a longer period.

In addition, the vacuum allows operators to use their hands to handle the wand without the need of moving the cleaner. This also makes moving chairs, trash cans, and other types of obstacles more easily.

2. Check the Components’ and Materials’ Quality

In order to choose the right industrial vacuum, it would be best to inquire about the components and materials quality used in the equipment’s construction, like accessories, filters, and motors.

Quality/price ratio, safety, and maintenance are important elements to look at. Plus, choosing the best vacuum cleaner is vital since low-quality products can present extra costs for replacements and repairs in the future.

3. Look at the Filter Systems

Not so many individuals pay more attention to filter systems at first until their vacuum systems are heavily used. You have to consider what type of filter systems you want. The kind of filter media depends on the dust fineness you expect to work with.

Another aspect to take into consideration is how you can clean filter systems. Many portable systems have what is called a shaker-type filter that entails detaching filters.

4. Consider the Maximum Capacity

Unlike a vacuum that stores collected materials in a small dirtbag and needs frequent changing, an industrial vacuum is designed to ease down the process by providing larger capacities and volumes.

Some retailers offer a few quality industrial vacuum cleaners for dry and wet loads, ranging up to around 55 gallons capacity. A dry vacuum is made to lift a dry load, such as dust or fine powder, and collect those particles through filters.

On the other hand, a wet vacuum is popularly known for its waterproof canister design. Plus, they are specifically made to deal with liquid loads.

5. Define the Application

An industrial vacuum delivers good performance when specifications and features align with an intended application. Using the wrong vacuum may result in vacuum burnouts and poor performance.

It is vital to know what type of materials need to be collected. Common examples of things that an industrial vacuum cleaner is made to safely handle include floodwater, food particles, paint powder, debris, dust, coolant, and scrap metal, to name a few.

The Takeaway

Industrial vacuum cleaners are crucial cleaning solutions for factories, workplaces, and homes. By choosing the right type with the help of these tips, you can get rid of dust as well as other residues from surfaces and floors, guaranteeing you a safe/clean environment.

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