Is Social Media Influencing A Job? What You Need To Know?


Social media influencer is the new buzzword in online marketing and advertising. More people today prefer working from the comfort of their homes and ditching regular office jobs. Influencers are a force to reckon with because they seem to break traditional trends and set new ones.

Social media jobs and the opportunities they bring influencers and other technical talented people help promote products, drive sales, and lead campaigns to increase conversions.

You have probably seen personalities and celebrities on YouTube, Instagram, and other platforms. You may also have wondered if social media influencing is a professional career one can pursue. Social media jobs and the opportunities they bring influencers and other technically talented people make the web a great employer.

What’s in a Job?

An ideal occupation allows you to use your skills, talents, abilities, and personality to solve other people’s problems and get paid for them. Some conventional careers require an employee to appear in an office at a given time and leave at a specific time. Employees must tolerate long working hours and unpleasant tasks to please the employer or sustain their living.

A social media influencer’s job breaks the rules of employment. Influencers use their skillsets and personalities to influence their followers’ interests and ideas about a particular brand. Consequently, the hiring firm pays the influencer for influencing people towards a product.

Here is why you should consider influencing your career path?

Flexible Work Hours

Social media influencer does not need to work from an office or station. You can work from anywhere and have flexible hours to create and post content. A social media influencer plans her time and decides when to rest, take days off and burn the midnight oil. Consequently, the influencer is intrinsically motivated to meet and surpass targets.

Leverage Your Skillset

Creativity is the first trait and requirement for an influencer’s success. Creativity is an inborn ability that gets better with practice. An influencer is first a content creator and then a marketer.  An influencer captivates the audience through their looks, interests, values, beliefs, and charisma.

You can learn how to package your skills to your audience will find you interesting and impactful when you package your skills to evoke their emotions. Consequently, informative posts encourage your followers to like and share your posts, adding to your followers’ outreach.

Determine Your Paycheck

A social media influencer is in charge of their take-home check.  A brand can hire a social media influencer to promote sales, increase conversions and lead campaigns. The brand leverages the influencer’s popularity and ability to connect with the target audience. In return, the engagement with potential clients among their followers promotes the influencer’s employer. Influencers can also promote their personal brand by getting affiliate links and sponsored adverts.

Types of Influencers

There are different types of influencers

  • Celebrities- are prominent personalities in various fields. Celebrity influencers include musicians, actors and actresses, athletes, TV personalities and other industry leaders. A celebrity’s achievement and standing give them the popularity to become influencers.
  • Macro-influencers- have less than a million followers. These influencers leverage their reputation and popularity to gain followers on social media platforms. Consequently, they may lack a one-on-one connection with their followers.
  • Micro-influencers- have at least 500 followers and have unique relationships with their audience, attracting at least 25% engagement on their posts.
  • Nano-influencers have the fewest followers of all the other categories of influencers. Companies with limited resources can leverage nano-influencer to promote their brand and connections.


Social media influencer is a career with unlimited opportunities for professional growth. One can package their skills to reach a target audience and grow their brand to attract marketing contracts from industry leaders.

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