Can Companies Make Home-Working A Permanent New Normal?


While many companies insist on employees returning to the office, research shows that remote working may be here to stay. According to this research, working from home will be widely accepted and might become permanent by 2022. This hype of working from home is impossible to ignore and might be more extensive than most think. Home-working opens opportunities for business work and structure themselves. Since the start of the coronavirus pandemic, workers have been working from home, which has increased the flexibility they require. This is because it provides a flexible working arrangement. Therefore, businesses might have to let their workers work from home, which could be a permanent new normal. Bernard de Laguiche, a famous entrepreneur, states that there is nothing great than seeing your projects coming to fruition. However, in between, there is a long process of planning, making mistakes, and adjusting things.

Nonetheless, the main aim is to see the success of a project. Therefore, whether employees work in the office or at home, the ultimate goal is success and productivity. After all, working from home comes with benefits. Here are the benefits companies may enjoy if they let employees work from home.


Home working enables flexibility in the way employees to work. It allows employees to work flexible hours in their own comfort. Therefore, instead of spending a whole week at the office, workers can work in their comfort zone. Choosing the environment and working hours is crucial, primarily when serving customers in different time zones.

Employee Retention

Working from home also helps retain workers. This is because this flexibility helps them cater to their children’s needs, reduce commuting costs, and enable them to look after their personal life. This also builds trust with the employer, which increases loyalty.

Improved Well-being

Employee well-being is vital for every business. Therefore, working from home eliminates stress by allowing employees to work in the comfortable environment they have chosen. The fact that they are not commuting saves time, and an employee can get more time to sleep, spend time with their loved ones and eat healthy meals.

Improved Motivation

It is also vital to keep employees motivated. Therefore, if companies allow employees to work from home, it will increase the level of trust such that they will understand that their employers believe in them. Workers will also be happy to create a working routine at home that bends well with their life. This increases motivation.

Increased Productivity

Working from home may provide uninterrupted opportunities for the staff. An employer can choose a quiet environment they can work without distractions. Now that they will save time commuting, there will be more to focus on, something your company needs for productivity.

Better Work-Life Balance

Employee burnout, high turnover, and more sick days result from work-life imbalance. Companies must help employees find work-life balance by allowing them to work from home. For example, the time they use for commuting can be used for something like taking kids to school or preparing a healthy breakfast. Workers can plan working hours and when to do house chores.


 Shifting to home-working does not necessarily mean employees have to work from home strictly. It means they can choose their preferred environment where they feel more productive. It also means splitting time between the workplace and home. Therefore, home-working might be here to stay and the new normal for companies.

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