5 Actionable Tips to Grow Your Accounting Business


Most accounting business enterprises are cyclical, with business seasons. Perhaps you spend hours overseeing projects, finding new clients, fighting fires, or managing staff. So you don’t have time to think about how you can grow your accounting business, let alone time to implement necessary changes.

However, if you are looking to boost profitability and fix roadblocks, experts at Evolved, LLC say that you will need a solid plan and actionable tips for growing your practice. Some of the tips that can come in handy are:

1. Hire the Right Team

Workers are absolutely the lifeblood of companies. So, you must be strategic in how you hire them. When hiring, shortlist essential skills for the operations of your business and base hiring strategies around that.

Whether it is a certified tax accountant or business advisor, consider their weaknesses and then find employees who may augment all that.

2. Streamline Accounting Services


Apart from embracing modern technological advancement, you will need to look for great ways to enhance overall productivity, streamline manual procedures, and improve efficiency.

Accounting software programs, which are cloud-based, eliminate the importance of accountants to spend many hours to complete labor-intensive and manual processes and, at the same time, minimize the number of mistakes in the system. Since they are good at what they do, accountants may concentrate on valuable tasks, such as advisory services or problem-solving.

Effective and efficient systems enable you to achieve more with less so that you may reduce costs, such as additional employee wages, while delivering the best services to customers.

3. Automate Wisely

Automation is an important aspect for a company to scale. You, as well as your staff’s time, must be devoted to tasks only humans with a lot of expertise may deliver. Everything else can be automated.

Nearly 72% of employees report that automation can minimize time spent on repetitive tasks. Some of the tasks that experts recommend to be automated are:

  • Updates
  • Approvals
  • Collection of data

4. Leverage Social Media

It is crucial not to get intimated by social sites. You may keep things easy by accepting the fact that you don’t have to be everywhere. Choose one or several platforms where your audience is and concentrate on them.

Remember, people often connect to people. Hence, be intentional and consider tying your personal brand to that of your business authentically.

5. Create Referral Networks

Developing a solid partnership with local businesses, which provide a service or product that complements yours, may give you access to many new clients at a modest cost.

Create professional referral networks by keeping in touch with other local firms that provide professional services, like financial advisors, IT suppliers, and lawyers. However, before you start doing that, ensure you research well.

The Bottom Line

The possibilities of expanding your accounting practice are totally endless and only limited by the strategies you use in business. Try these strategies and see what will work for you. But be patient and take time to analyze all the strategies you plan to implement, so that you can make the right decision.

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